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Underfloor Heating

Can any type of flooring be used on underfloor heating?

No. We give recommendations as to which products can or can not be used on underfloor heating, so please take note of the guidelines on individual product pages.

Why can some types of flooring not be used?

Generally we do not recommend the use of solid hardwood flooring on underfloor heating systems. As timber is hygroscopic and reacts to moisture, it tends to dry out further on an underfloor heating system. This generally results in some shrinkage and consequently gaps will appear between the boards.

During the summer months, when underfloor heating systems are not used, the drying effect stops. When this is coupled with the increased humidity of summer weather, the flooring will absorb moisture and expand. This generally results in the 'cupping' of the boards.

Engineered boards, however, are much more stable and less susceptible to movement due to their construction. They are therefore usually suitable for use on underfloor heating systems.

Are there any guidelines that I need to follow?

Yes. Usually each brand of flooring has its own guidelines. For further information, please contact us.

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